Vashon Island on a Foggy Morning

The roads of Vashon Island beckon to cyclists, offering up lovely, wooded lanes, climbs, scenic views, etc. We headed out early on Sunday morning and enjoyed a veiled experience on very quiet roads. Our highlights were the Southern ferry landing and an overlook at a park atop Maury Island, as well as some simply delightful twisty-turny country lanes—the sort that make any cyclist’s heart go pitter-pat

We followed the “Vashon Classic Loop,” providing 3,600-plus feet of climbing in about 42 miles. Short and sweet!

As for all those old exercise bikes lined up on the shoreline: Apparently they were gone for awhile but now they’re back. We didn’t want to stop mid-ride (for once) to take pictures, but returned later to test them out. Good way to add a bit more to the workout …

This day was unusually foggy, so we missed the vaunted views of Mount Rainier and the Cascades and Olympics. We will have to return!

But we did have a great time at the Strawberry Festival. For photos of that cool event, see the Off The Bike section above.

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