Tour de Whatcom

On Saturday we headed to far northwestern Washington for the fabulous Tour de Whatcom, which we’d heard about when we met the Mount Baker Bike Club folks after the Ann Ride in Walla Walla.

This was yet another spectacular ride on yet another picture-perfect day, with views of Mount Baker, Birch Bay, Bellingham Bay and … Canada, during the stop in Blaine, which is one of the border crossings. Here’s the route. We rode for awhile with several very nice Canadian groups, including the Vancouver Velo Vets and Ride 2 Survive. (Now we want to check out some rides up there).  We also did some stellar pacelining with two guys who came from Kentucky and who very much appreciated the low humidity and soaring scenery.

Besides the scenery, we love the name of the place, and its overall vibe. What’s a Whatcom?

Vashon Island on a Foggy Morning

The roads of Vashon Island beckon to cyclists, offering up lovely, wooded lanes, climbs, scenic views, etc. We headed out early on Sunday morning and enjoyed a veiled experience on very quiet roads. Our highlights were the Southern ferry landing and an overlook at a park atop Maury Island, as well as some simply delightful twisty-turny country lanes—the sort that make any cyclist’s heart go pitter-pat

We followed the “Vashon Classic Loop,” providing 3,600-plus feet of climbing in about 42 miles. Short and sweet!

As for all those old exercise bikes lined up on the shoreline: Apparently they were gone for awhile but now they’re back. We didn’t want to stop mid-ride (for once) to take pictures, but returned later to test them out. Good way to add a bit more to the workout …

This day was unusually foggy, so we missed the vaunted views of Mount Rainier and the Cascades and Olympics. We will have to return!

But we did have a great time at the Strawberry Festival. For photos of that cool event, see the Off The Bike section above.