Vashon Island Strawberry Festival – Lumix Photos

Visiting Vashon Island requires a ferry ride (hooray!). However, we learned that bicycles mounted on a roof rack made for a height surcharge, so in the ferry staging area we quickly folded down the rear seats and moved the bicycles into the car. We arrived on the Island Friday night and visited the festival grounds, including the beer garden for music, beer and tacos. Then on to the carnival rides.

Our hosts have a farm–they endeavor to grow all their own food and we listened intently as they told us all about it. Plus we got to sample the goods and toss beans to the chickens. Delightful!

The New York Times has described Vashon as “Mayberry Meets Burning Man.” Turning to places more familiar to us, we termed it “Berkeley on an Island” and “What Woodstock Should be, but Isn’t.”


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