We at Emerald Pedaling transform …

What, you might wonder, does this bust packed with handmade necklaces crafted from vintage bits and pieces have to do with cycling in Washington state?


Our bikes, and the glorious roads of Washington and beyond, are still our passions. But we’ve made way for new loves as well. Timothy is rediscovering his fascination with photography and cameras, especially vintage cameras. Paula is finding joy in creating necklaces by, in part, reusing pieces of the past. And we’re both stirred by prowling flea markets, estate sales and thrift shops, picking up compelling pieces of history while contemplating the lives in which these pieces once dwelled.

So our blog, formerly called EmeraldPedaling.com and focusing on our bike rides, becomes DreamboxDiscoveries.com and focuses on our discoveries and creations of a more vintage and creative bent.

We’re leaving the past content in place. It’s a key part of our lives here in Seattle, and we can’t just erase it! Instead we pedal on … while expanding our horizons into these new delights.


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