STP – The Dog

This guy and his dog were a fixture along the STP route. We encountered them several times. One of many cool sights along the way. The unicycle guy was another; too bad we got no photos of him.

STP – Bike Woes

The STP ride was going really well — until Paula’s rear derailleur cable broke at Mile 67 — for the second time in just few months.

Fortunately, Ben from the Montlake Bike Shop in Seattle was working his magic at a rest stop just a mile down the road. And he came up with an ingenious solution that made it possible for Paula to keep riding not only the first day, but all of the second.

This story is to be continued … stay tuned.

STP – On The Road

Cascade Bicycle Club‘s annual STP – Seattle to Portland – ride was a 204-mile celebration of great roads and great people.

There were the highly fit though possibly insane types who did the ride in one day, the highly fit types who more reasonably stretched it out over two days, the reasonably fit types who did the ride in two days and took a lot of pictures along the way (that would be us), the getting fitter types for whom something like this was once an unimaginable accomplishment … and all sorts of others.

Seeing all the varieties of riders out on the road, and sharing the camaraderie, was one of the truly great things.  So was the scenery.