Orcas Island – Trying Mount Constitution Again

So, we’d made it up Mount Constitution (and more significantly given the weather, made it back down again).  But while climbing perhaps should be a noble end unto itself, we did still wish to savor the view from the top.

So we did it all again.

This time around the skies threatened as we headed out, and got downright ominous by the time we reached Moran State Park. Would the drizzle once again turn to snow? Descending a second time in nasty weather was not appealing.  But neither was missing a chance at the view. So we took our chances and pedaled onward.

Great decision!

After some maddening indecision, the weather gods opted to come over to our side (maybe they just wanted to give us some moody photo opps first). By the time we made our way back to the top, the skies were clear and the view spectacular.  And we could claim credit for that climb not once, but twice.

Here’s our route.

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