Welcome to Washington. Let’s Ride!

Welcome to the wonders of Washington State cycling from Timothy and Paula!

That’s quite a statement, coming from two diehard New York City-based cycling fanatics and deeply engrained members of the New York Cycle Club. We’ve had some of the best times of our lives riding bikes in New York, and we met during an NYCC event. So winning us over was a bit of a hard sell when we moved to Seattle. Especially since we arrived in December. Rain, anyone? Fenders on road bikes??

But after a bit of a slow start, we’ve become converts. The roads around here seem made for cycling — wide open, surrounded by vast expanses of forest and flowers and water and blue sky (OK, gray sky too), gentle rollers and steep pitches, deer and sheep and horses and otters.  So much variety, so beautiful, so easily accessible.

“The whole state is like one big resort,” Timothy said on one of our rides. “Much of Washington is seen through trees,” he said on another.

And so we begin a chronicle of our two-wheeled Washington adventures. The first 13 posts retrace some of our bigger and-or more photogenic rides in the first half of the year. After that we stay current.

Oh, the name of the blog … it arises in part from one of Seattle’s monikers: The Emerald City.  Which in turn arises from the sheer greenness of not just Seattle, but much of the state, and that’s one of the things we love about cycling around here. And so, we celebrate it.