Emerald Pedaling in California – again

12524219_10153392368422391_2086476547809305981_nA few weeks ago I claimed to be restarting EmeraldPedaling.com, then promptly ran out of time to do any more updates even from the Sea Otter Classic — which is perhaps just as well, since that amazing event is in California, not Washington, and somehow it doesn’t seem right to restart a Washington cycling blog with not one but two posts from separate California trips. Even if California was unusually emerald-looking on these trips.

Now life has staged further complications and I find myself having to do duplicate entries in both WordPress and a temporary Blogger  version. Don’t ask why.

In the meantime, last week some of my Team Group Health teammates and I traveled to lovely Seaside, California, for Sea Otter. Some of the team raced; I, having experienced the horrifying hills of the road course last year, joined the part of the team doing just training rides. Of course these rides included the requisite scene shots from Asilomar State Beach. I do love emerald pedaling, but this seaside pedaling sure was nice for a few days.


We’re back … more Washington cycling adventures!



So yes, it’s been a rather long hiatus. Life happened. We kept riding, and working more and more. We got married: That distracted us from blogging, in an outstanding way!  We bought a house: more distractions and time-gobbling necessities.

Timothy worked for a year and a half as a mechanic at Kirkland Bicycle, which was a great experience but put an end to our weekend cycling adventures during that time. Paula joined Team Group Health, continued to struggle on hills, then discovered the wonderful world of track racing at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome and found a new form of addiction.

We celebrated spring, and Timothy’s father’s 90th birthday, with a trip to Berkeley and some rides up the Berkeley Hills (in this photo, we’re at the top of those hills).

Now we look forward to a summer with more riding and more adventures on and off the road (and track). Come join us!



Hood River – Day 2

Day 2 in the Hood River, Ore., area presented delightful weather and the opportunity to ride a bit further. Bob fashioned a route notable both for its beauty and the front-loading of its climbing: 3,100 feet in the first 29 miles. Would it ever end?!

But first we rode from Mosier to Hood River for breakfast.

Then we rode toward Mt Hood.

Horsies! We always stop for Horsies!

We stopped for “water” at the Saw Tooth Roadhouse.

Paula got a flat, and the ensuing stop enabled her to find what we fondly called the Key To The City. It’s a very nice piece and we may try to embed some tile or turquoise into it.

Then onward to Parkdale for lunch. This turned out to be a great scene with a big gathering of fellow cyclists, and a wonderful venue. We’ll definitely want to return.

The remainder of the ride went predominantly down hill and we simply motored back to Hood River, where beer and food awaited.